Thursday, October 25, 2007

Russian fighterplanes, near Faroe Islands

These last months, russian fighterplanes have been close to faroese air-territory. They haven't been this active since the cold war.

i.e. were these babies spotted:


Ogie said...

This brings another question about independence. What are the plans for defending against outside forces?? Doesn't the Danish Navy provide some of that protection now?

Faroe-Man said...

That matter has been checked on a diplomatic level, and it seems that our neighbouring countries, or close by, would be willing to lend a helping hand, should anything fishy be happening. It is in the interest of our neighbours, that no harm happens here, because then it might affect them.

By "lending a helping hand", i mean that some kind of permanent deal will be done. Countries such as France, have shown interest in setting up some kind of defense-system here, but i don't know what's happened with that.

To make a long story short, in my view, the matter of protection of our country, that matter will be swiftly dealt with.

Faroe-Man said...

To answer your question. Yes, they do provide a helping hand, and have proved themselves to be quite useful. But this should not prevent us from taking care of our own country.

Ogie said...

Plus NATO is still there and I would think that would continue after independence.

I wonder how other smaller countries do it. Faroe Islands can't be the only one that would be in that situation.

Faroe-Man said...

NATO, yes, they have this thing called Partnership For Peace... without knowing any details, that is something that could work here in the Faroe Islands.

Other countries? Some manage, some don't... in alot of places there is anarchy and chaos. Most of the western world is privileged, when it comes to those matters. And most of the western world doesn't go on a killing spree against eachother.

Workman said...

So is this Russia just flexing their muscles and showing that they still need to be paid attention to?

Faroe-Man said...

Once again Workman, you are spot on... in my view.

Anonymous said...

Defense of the Faroes Islands is a Danish/Nato task.

There is no reason anyone would attack the Faroe Islands unless the oil reserves are verified sometime in the near future.

The action by the Russians is a leftover from the cold war. In the "good old days" they would rountinely try to penetrate North Atlantic airspace to test NATO air defenses. NATO still has a very good Early Warning Radar system there.

This gives good reason to leave it in operation.

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