Monday, October 1, 2007

Hans Blix: Invasion Iraq was a mistake

"I think that the invasion of Iraq was a tragedy" - Those are the exact words Hans Blix, told the faroese national radio in a short interview today. He also noted that there's anarchy in Iraq.

He feels that the weapon inspectors should've gotten more time, before any invasion. Mr. Blix strongly opposes a possible invasion of Iran. (My personal stance on that, is that they'll wake up a sleeping giant).

Hans Blix thinks that the world would be a safer place, if Bill Clinton was in power on 9/11.


I have erased what i said earlier on here, and i will post what was commented on this thread, otherwise my other references to Blix' interview are correct:

"Blix did not say, that Saddam has gotten the same status as Gadaffi and Castro, rather he postulated, that if the US had not invaded Iraq, Saddam would have gotten this status but would not have been a threat to human kind - only to his own people."

I thank for this correction, and it was a silly mistake from me, to make a wrong reference.

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