Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A proposal for a new airport.

Tomorrow morning, at 8:30, the minister of trade and industry, will publish a proposal, for a new airport at Glyvursnes (which is right outside Tórshavn, i've tried locating a decent picture, but i can't find any) - The cost will be roughly 300 million USD.

My personal opinion is that i think it's bs (an election is in January, and Tórshavn is the ministers area, so i think he's fishing for votes here) - Plus, there hasn't been any real exploration, of whether somewhere else is better to put the airport, i.e. today the most experienced pilot here in the Faroes, talked of Søltuvík (again, can't find a decent picture), Søltuvík is on Sandoy. He thought that it would suit better, for a new airport.

Our economy is fuming at the moment, we shouldn't allow it to boil.


Ogie said...

So this must be a replacement to the current airport?? I don't see the Faroe Islands supporting two airports. Is there a need to replace the old airport? I know it is old but it is functioning.

Faroe-Man said...

The purpose is having an alternative airport. If the other airfield, is useless, because of weather, i.e. myst, rain... or something else... then they want an alternative option. It's complicated in a way.

Ogie said...

OK, I know that my cousin when he came here in September, in order to make sure he made his connecting flight he had to make his fight out of Faroe Islands a day early in case the flight was delayed because of fog. It sounds like this is a common occurrence.

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