Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Clinton Coverage: "A special relationship..."

The Guardian, in England, have an article in the papers, called: A special relationship, Clinton and the Faroes.


Workman said...

First off, bravo on your Clinton coverage.

English language news of the event was extremely difficult to find.

Did your hit count spike yesterday? Mine did, and I was just pointing back to your stuff.

Anyway, great work.

Ogie said...

I would like to ditto workman's comments. You did a great job of covering the Clinton story. I did a lot of searching you had the best of them all.


Faroe-Man said...

Yes, my counter did spike. The international media coverage, is mostly based on an AP news-wire, which is written by Jón Brian Hvidtfeldt (which either is or was working at the national faroese radio).

I thank you for your comments, Sirs!

Brain Bliss