Monday, October 1, 2007

The Clinton Coverage: The Arrival!

Swept in mist, the plane arrived out of nowhere. Security was at a top-level. Secret Service (why are they called "Secret"?), kept a sharp eye on people. He made a galant stop at the airport, saying hello to people, and the press. He said that he heard of the Faroe Islands, first time when he went to university, and had a certain fascination towards the North Atlantic. In a escort, he was guided to Tórshavn, sitting in a jeep. Dressed in casual clothing, more casual than the people who were there to greet him, seemed very relaxed.

He is now in Tórshavn, making a short stop at Hotel Føroyar - Hans Blix has arrived, and the media isn't actually giving him any notice, which in a way is a shame.

As Cleo Paskal said in a review of the Faroes "A place like that doesn't need Clinton to feel important." - But, i must admit, it's nice, it's cool... it's good to host a distinguished person like Bill Clinton, and i hope that he will feel very welcomed.

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