Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Clinton Coverage: The Aftermath!

For now, this will be the ending of covering his visit here.

It was a rather pecualiar day, unlike any other day, a former president of the USA, was coming to visit. This character hasn't exactly been laying low, after his run in the White House. He's gone from being president, to being a citizen of the world, and using his influence and fame, to improve certain issues in the world.

So what had this very charismatic man to say to us? We're not 50.000 people, so would it really matter what he said, would his words fly right past us? No, not at all.

I.e. he said that he was very fascinated by the faroese grass turf roofs, and said the we were ahead, when it came to preserving energy (in this case, heat).

He said he wasn't here to lecture us, on how to live, because we were already doing great he said.

We (the Faroe Islands) were stepping on the global platform, and we have to become a part of the world. As a (possible) future oil-producer, As a leading country in fishing. And as a travel destination, we are a part of the global world, and we have to act thereby.

This man, through his enigmatic presence, has sent a shudder through the leaders of this country, and i think, for the first time, we are starting to realize, we are a part of the world, and not just a country, drifting in the Atlantic Ocean.

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