Saturday, October 6, 2007

G!-festival in jeopardy!

This is bad news. The very well liked G!-festival, is likely to be cancelled, because of financial troubles. It's not certain, but things are looking pretty grim at the moment.

I know that Workman has been playing with the idea, on experiencing the festival. We'll keep our fingers crossed.


Workman said...

Aw, man!

Something must be done! I don't know what. Perhaps we can have a telethon at the TV station I work at.

"If you want to help save a music festival in a country you've never heard about, call now and offer a generous donation."

Faroe-Man said...

If you want close contact with the festival, you can contact them @ - he's the father figure of the whole thing.

It's noble, what you offer, but i am afraid he may decline your hospitality.

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