Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Energy from Iceland

The Faroe Islands will not be a part of the Kyoto treaty, because we cannot guarantee an 8% reduction in CO2 emission over the next years. There's an option of connecting a cable between Iceland and the Faroe Islands, in which we will receive sustainable electricity through this cable (I'm lost for words here, what i mean is... Iceland gets electric power from their underground heat sources, and the Faroe Islands could make use of this energy, via this cable) - This would reduce the emission 30% over the next years. But have in mind, this is a very costly option, and is still only a hypothetical solution.


Ogie said...

Has wind been explored?? I would think that with the amount of wind on the islands, that wind mills that generate electricity would be a good option. And I would think they could also be put almost anywhere.

Faroe-Man said...

Wind is being used already, but the national electrity company, says that wind power, puts abnormal pressure on already existing lines.

My guess is that this new cable, would bypass the existing ones... or something... i don't know...

But yes, we have wind mills here already.

This project is also being researched atm here in the Islands: http://www.sewave.fo/

Ogie said...

very interesting concept I have never heard of waves being used to produce electricity

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