Friday, October 5, 2007

A new airport proposal

Ogie will find this amusing.

Another plan has emerged. Now they want to build an international airport in Nólsoy - However, this will require a sub-sea tunnel between Tórshavn and Nólsoy, as the island only has connection by a small ferry.

All this talk about a second airport, leads me to the conclusion, that within a few years, we will have another one.

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I might just mention, that in a few days, BP will starting drilling, in faroese waters, and they are at the most positive level they've ever been. They will drill deeper than ever before. And the fact that gas has been found close by, ups their positivity.


Ogie said...

Yes I do find it funny since that is where my family lives. I saw the story on and since I could not read it, I had to copy it and email it to my cousin so he could let me know what was going on. I also saw a map of what they are talking about and from what I could tell they want to put it right where the mountain is. If that is the case I find that to be completely crazy. The mountain on Nolsoy is one of the most recognized landmarks of the Faroe Islands. To ruin that would be a crime. Plus it sounds like it would cost a lot with the airfield and tunnel.

Workman said...

I don't know anything about the Faroes, but even I can tell you that's a bad idea.

How's the weather in Nolsoy? I thought the main airport is on Vagur because it has the best (least bad) weather in the Faroes.

Would the Torshavn airport run into the same problems?

Faroe-Man said...

The weather in Nólsoy? As it is less than 2 kilometres away from Glyvursnes, i'd guess it'd be a rather be the same weather as there.

The brits were not stupid, when they built our airport, because in all actuality, it is one of the best places in the country to have an airport.

Tests have been made, this was long time ago... and Glyvursnes is not a prime place, according to those researches. New tests are underway though.

So, yes... in time, they would face the exact same problem in Vágur, when it comes to weather. The main difference is the length of the field itself. They want to make the Glyvursnes airport 2800 metres, the one in Vágur, can only be 1800 metres, but in my view... that's enough. We will never have the need for an Airbus 380 to land here, i wouldn't think so at least. Our planes have seats for approx. 100 people, because we don't need bigger planes than that.

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