Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Clinton Coverage: The speech!

Here's the speech Clinton had in the Nordic House. Honestly, i haven't had a chance to look at it, so i don't know if the Q&A is included, i doubt it.

It has faroese subtitles, so it'll be pretty interesting for you people who don't know the faroese language. Maybe you'll learn a thing or two. :)


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Ogie said...

Can't get the video. Not sure the link went down or not but I am not getting anything.

Faroe-Man said...

Damnit, i'm sorry. They have not uploaded it yet, they will probably have it uploaded somewhere around noon GMT, it's only a guess.

It will be uploaded.

Ogie said...

Yes I just went to the site and noticed that it wasn't uploaded. I see that happen quite often. I check the TV station all the time and they seem to post the link before they upload the video.

So I will wait until it is posted.

Thanks for letting us know of the link.

Ogie said...

Here is another link to a blog from a lady that is also half-faroese as I am and lives in California. She has made several trips to the Faroe Islands and has written her experiences on her blog.


I you and Workman might enjoy it.

Faroe-Man said...

Jennifer Henke has a very good page from the looks of it.

Faroe-Man said...

Btw. the Speech is up and running now.

Ogie said...

Yes I checked it out. It is a good speech but you were right the Q & A wasn't on it. I would have liked to hear what questions people from the Faroes would ask of Clinton. Not so much the answers but the questions.

Workman said...

First off, thanks for posting the speech. I'm anxious for the Q&A to arrive.

Also, thanks to Ogie for sending the Henke link. You were correct, I did enjoy it.

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