Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Atlantic Petroleum still enjoying great times

The Faroe Islands oil company, Atlantic Petroleum, keeps going upwards on the stock-market. They are listed on the icelandic and danish stock-market. They've gone up by 229% altogether this year.

Here you can follow the "action", when it comes to faroese stocks:



Ogie said...

How is it going with the potential of oil. Are they any closer to finding any.

Faroe-Man said...

No word yet, they're keeping a positive spirit, because gas and oil has been found so close to the faroese sea-borderline. Atlantic Petroleum are also active outside Faroe Islands, and that is why their numbers are showing such positive signs... and because the oil-prices on an international lever are so high.

When more info comes, you people will be the first to know... well... i'll try to get it out there asap. :)

Faroe-Man said...

lever = level

Brain Bliss