Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tróndur í Gøtu statue unveiled

Gøta, my fathers birthplace, today unveiled a statue of Tróndur í Gøtu. He is an essential part of Faroese history and folklore. He was said to be very wise, a political tactician. It is also believed, that he had powers of a magician.

There is a huge gallery here.

The reason I pointed to that picture, as the place to look first, is because, that the man in the middle, is Hans Pauli Olsen, the sculptor of the statue. The one on the left, is Jógvan Fríðriksson, our Bishop. And on the left, is our Prime Minister, Jóannes Eidesgaard.

The statue is ofcourse of Tróndur, standing in an almost horizontal position, on the Faroe Islands, more directly, in Gøtu.


Workman said...

Two points:

1) I love how the statue is oriented sideways. Very original.

2) It's July, and everyone is wearing heavy jackets. Yikes!

Darrell said...

One day, I will visit the Faroes with my friend Matthew. Leave the light on for us.

Faroe-Man said...

I'll give you both, the VIP tour.

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