Sunday, July 20, 2008

Faroese referee at the Olympics!

In 2 weeks, Schandorff Vang, will be at the Olympics, where he will be a referee in the archery discipline.

Schandorff has been an international referee since 1996, and has for example been refereeing at the Paraolympics, Indoor World Cup, World Cup and other events in the discipline.

Schandorff is a very able archer himself, as well as his wife and daughter. This trio have won several medals.

Here you can see the schedule for the archery discipline at the Olympics.


brelok said...

and what about Faroese sportsmen at the Olympics? Katrin Olsen will be the only one?

Faroe-Man said...

Yes, she will be representing Denmark, as we're not allowed to compete.

Don said...


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Best Regards,


Anonymous said...

why are the faroese not allowed to compete as an independent nation? they have some athletes which could compete, in football, rowing, judo etc. Dependent territories of UK or USA such as American Samoa, US Virgin Isles and British Virgin Isles, as well as the Nethelands Antillies and even Hong Kong are competing, so why not the Faroes?

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