Friday, July 18, 2008

Comments on article in The Sun

I had heard things about this english tabloid, called The Sun.

Now, in wake of the EB/Streymur vs. Manchester City, they have this article in their paper today, in which it for example says:

...City manager Mark Hughes met the fans before the game and hailed them as “magnificent”.

He added: “We heard about their predicament and it’s great that they’re here. What great lads.”

But the pre-match meal proved hard to swallow. Whale penis, known as dork, has a bitter, leathery taste...

I can assure you people, that, although we sometimes eat whale here in the Faroe Islands (Very rarely though), we do not eat the private parts of a whale. Saying a thing like that, really is to stupify the people of the Faroe Islands.

The article also says:

...Atlantic boss Magni Arge, a part-time commentator on Faroese TV, said last night: “The Faroese are football-mad and have a lot of respect for English teams...

He's not been a commentator, for the last... 10 years or so.

The Sun article is here.


Workman said...

Two things to consider here:

First, The Sun is kind of a joke. Hard to take anything they print seriously.

Second, perhaps these Man City fans were a bit annoying. Perhaps some Faroese waiter put a plate of food down in front of them and said, "Eat this. It's whale penis. Here we call it "dork."" Perhaps they needed to be taught a lesson.

(that "dork" is English slang for "penis" makes the story that much more suspect)

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