Thursday, July 24, 2008

Gjáargarður - The halls of of Valhalla

I'm not going to go on an advertising spree on this blog, or anything like that. I'd like to tell you about the place called Gjáargarður, which is in the very small village called Gjógv.

Gjáargarður is a guesthouse, and you can read much more about it on the link provided above.

I hadn't been there, until a few years ago. But, I must say, and do not think it's of the same magnitude, but when I first entered, I thought, this must be how the vikings felt, when they entered the halls of Valhalla, in their afterlife.

Most of the interior and exterior is made of wood, and in my view, the place has a certain, majestic aura.

The feeling almost right away, is that no other place is like this, and being there, casts that one experience-stone more, into the water of life.

It has a very cozy surrounding and warmth.

There are pictures from the place, in the first link provided above.

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