Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Comments on a Man. City article!

Thomas Cook Sport have confirmed that they will be operating a very limited number of travel packages for supporters who qualify for a match ticket to watch Manchester City’s UEFA Cup tie in the Faroe Islands.

The Faroes are a unique destination as far as travel is concerned with severe restrictions on the types of aircraft that can land at Vagar airport and only limited connections via air and sea.

The runway at Vagar airport is shorter than London City airport and as such can only accommodate planes with less than 87 seats. This unfortunately rules out the use of Thomas Cook's usual fleet of aircraft.

Adding to this, pilots have to receive specific training on how to land at Vagar and have to have previously landed there, which further complicates matters.

Due to these factors charter airline availability has proved to be very challenging, so the only packages available will be on a scheduled service from Manchester via Copenhagen, departing Manchester on Wednesday July 16 and returning on Friday July 18.

Article taken from here.
Reading that article, people may get a negative feeling, about traveling by air, to the Faroe Islands. It's true that the runway is shorter than many other runways. But the BAe-146, which Atlantic Airways uses, is very suitable for the runway. The runway and airport itself, was built by UK soldiers, during the WW2. Ofcourse, certain areas have been updated since, but the mainstructure is built by soldiers from the UK.

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