Monday, July 7, 2008 - Social Network.

SamVit (Faroe Islands Enterprise) and Vinnuvitan (a Faroese business-related newspaper) will launch a webpage later this year, where Faroese people abroad, and friends of the Faroes (meaning, those who are interested in our islands), can sign up. When the page is up and running for real, it'll be possible to submit your work-experience, your interests, and other things.

People can sign up now, although, only with contact info, and then they will get an e-mail, when the page is up and running. The form is in Faroese, but i've taken the liberty of translating it.

* Kravt = Required

Fornavn = First name

Eftirnavn = Surname

Bústaður = Here they want the streetname & number.

Postboks = PO Box

Postnummar = Postnumber

Bygd/býur = City

Land = Country

Føðingardagur = Date of birth

Teldurpostur = E-mail adress

Telefonnummar = Phone-number

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