Thursday, July 17, 2008

EB/Streymur vs. Manchester City - FINAL RESULT 0 - 2

30 minutes until the match starts, and here is the line-up. Starting with goalkeeper:

EB/Streymur: René Tórgarð – Bárður Olsen, Marni Djurhuus, Egil á Bø, Leif Niclasen – Arnbjørn Hansen, Fróði Clementsen, Levi Hanssen, Anders Post Jacobsen, Hans Pauli Samuelsen – Peter Foldgast.

Manchester City: Joe Hart, Chinedum Onnoha, Micah Richards, Richard Dunne, Michael Ball, Stephen Ireland, Dietmar Haman, Michael Johnson, Martin Petrov, Darius Vassel, Silva Jo.

Kick off!

Match somewhat even, with a slight advantage to EB/Streymur at first. (Keep updating throughout the match)

5 minutes:

EB/Streymur keep pressing more, been more attacking. City though, showing more confidence.

City just had an enormous chance! Good goal-keeping.

8 minutes:

EB/Streymur more on the defensive now, under alot of pressure. I fear a goal is looming.

9 minutes:

GOAL! Martin Petrov latches onto a cannonball from distance.

10 minutes: Huge chance for Darius Vassell.

13 minutes: Besides the goal, a rather uninteresting match.

16: Vassell is strolling around with the ball, so easy for City. Jo just kicked the ball way above.

18 minutes: EB/Streymur are at war, have settled themselves down in the trenches, and are under furious fire.

26 minutes: This is a total nightmare... EB/Streymur are under constant fire... and when they sometimes are on the attack, it soon dissolves.

28 minutes: GOAL! Dietmar Hamann has a go at it, just outside the area, and it curls slowly into the net.

34 minutes: The most interesting thing on the pitch at the moment, is the female referee

36 minutes: EB/Streymur have taken most of the pace out of this match... there are some instances of spark, bur mostly... kicking the ball around the pitch.

41: Maybe City should have been more effective. They've had too many chances, for the score to be nil - two.

42 minutes: Petrov the best player so far.

44 minutes: EB/Streymur have had 2 chances in the last minutes. A bit more visible on the pitch, but nothing alarming yet.

45 minutes: 1 minute of added time.


2 goals, otherwise nothing to write home about.

During the half-time, the news are on, and they had a small segment, about Man. City fans, 'invading' the capital city, Tórshavn, and going around in the town, being happy and joyful, and drinking some beer.

(Great, picture just got frozen... I think it's production failure)

Listening to the radio...

4 minutes: Same result... Sounds like EB/Streymur are a bit more confident.

6 minutes: A bit more offensive play from EB/Streymur.

(I think time screwed up a bit, they've played 11 minutes now)

11 minutes: City on the defensive. EB/Streymur way more confident.

16 minutes: Picture is back on. Same as first half play... although... City keep defending. A bit more confidence from EB/S, then maybe they would have fared better.

(Will be switching the timer now)

63 minutes: Zzzzz...

65 minutes: City have played their way back into the game, and are starting to act as in the first half... attacking, without maybe being as effective as they should.

67 minutes: Players are starting to warm up, outside the pitch.

69 minutes: City players have much better condition than EB/Streymur... it clearly shows.

71 minutes: Petrov again with a chance, outside the area... just above.

74 minutes: City substitution on the way. Jo Silva out, Ched Evans in. Dietmar Hamann out, Gelson Fernandes in.

76 minutes: EB/Streymur substition: Anders P. Jacobsen, out. Brian (don't remember last name), in. Hans Pauli Samuelsen, out. Hanus Eliasen, in.

79 minutes: Manchester City don't seem as hungry in this half, as the first. Very good chance for EB/Streymur.

83 minutes: I predict this result not to change, but I might be wrong.

84 minutes: Substitution: Peter Foldgast, out. Dánjal Davidsen, in.

87 minutes: EB/Streymur attacking in a minor way. Doesn't seem to disrupt the City players... and it shouldn't.

89 minutes: There's a clear lack of quality in the EB/Streymur play. They shine inbetween, but nowhere near enough.

93 minutes: FINAL WHISTLE. Result 0 - 2. Winner, Manchester City.

Thank you! A very mediocre match, but I wasn't exactly expecting an action-packed match.


Workman said...

Oh well. Perhaps next time.

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