Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Silly mistake!

I was supposed to post pictures of the last few days on here. But, yesterday, my own camera went all crazy, and the focus-function didn't work on it. So, I asked my brother, if I could borrow his camera, so I could take pictures and such, because I was so determined to post alot of pictures on here. He agreed, and let me have the camera for a night. So, everything went fine. I took alot of pictures, and drank alot of alcohol. And somewhere in the night, i've misplaced the camera, or lost it somehow, and it's nowhere to be found. I tried calling the last known locations I was, nothing. I called the police-station, nothing.

Now i'm hoping that it'll be posted in the news-papers, under Lost/Found, that someone has found a camera, the camera i'm looking for.

I took some pictures, with my other camera, but that camera is at home, and I wont be going home until tomorrow, so i'll post some pictures from that camera.

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