Thursday, July 17, 2008

Manchester City fans, thank Atlantic Airways.

From, the Scotsman. About the Manchester City fans, who wanted to travel to the match, with a trawler, and they got stuck with bad weather in Shetland, and couldn't proceed.

The Scotsman writes:

..."Everybody knew that the weather was unpredictable and that the boat might not be able to leave the harbour.

"We were willing to take any form of transport to get us there."

But as their dream faded and the party members resigned themselves to having to make their way back home without seeing their side take on EB/Streymur, a more conventional form of transport came to the rescue when a Faroes-based airline agreed to pick them up.

The Atlantic Airways flight was chartered for the group free of charge.

Magni Arge, the airline's president, said: "We've agreed to help these Manchester City supporters because this is a great event in the Faroes having Manchester City here.

"This is a great opportunity for us to show there is an airline based in the Faroes which can serve both Shetland and the Faroe Islands, and we've got some sponsors to help us make this feasible."

Each supporter had paid £285 for the boat and the journey to Tórshavn on the Faroes.

Here's a BBC video-coverage of the situation:

Here's an article from The Sun, and there we see, that this was a cooperative rescue:


On a personal note, I must say, that i'm proud of Atlantic Airways, about them doing such a good job.

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Dave said...

As one of the Manchester City fans who was in this story, I just wanted to say how great the whole experience was.

I had to have my appendix out whilst I was there, and stayed a week longer in hospital in Torshavn. The hospital, nurses and doctors were brilliant. The Faroese people were brilliant. And I have nothing but fantastic memories of the trip. Magni even came to visit me in hospital!

An amazing and very lucky trip!

Brain Bliss