Sunday, November 11, 2007

Turn of the tide

I'm excited. On tuesday (btw. can some bright-head find out why most elections are on tuesday? I've known why before, but it has gotten out of my head), there will be an election, and this will be the jumpstart of the upcoming election in january '08.

The final tv and radio debate is over, and now time will tell what the outcome will be. We're taking major steps towards a total independent nation (this is my personal view), and we're getting more mature as a country. In a way, it's in interesting time to be a part of the Faroe Islands, and the progress which we will be undergoing over the next years.


Ogie said...

So now what will this mean?? This is for the Danish parliament correct?? How will this effect independence?? Will this be an indication of how people will vote in January?? I find all of this interesting because I have family on both sides.

Denmark and the Faroe Islands have been so closely tied to each other for so many years it would be strange to cut those ties. But at the same time it will be exciting for the Faroes to stand on its own.

It is funny too, my mom was born in 1930 and as you know when she started school Danish was the primary language. She always told me that she had an easier time reading Danish then Faroese. In her later years she would also mix all the languages when she would talk to her brother or sister. I couldn't understand all of it but I could tell when she would go from Faroese, to Danish and English. I would laugh when she did this. Sometimes it was all in one sentence.

Anyway I would love to find out more about the election.


Faroe-Man said...

This is for the danish parliament, and is in no way, more important than the upcoming election in January, but it could be a sign of things to come.

I think it's exciting to be a part of this, progress in the faroese community.

The bond between the Faroe Islands and Denmark will always be there. If we cut the political ties, who says that kinship and other ties need to be cut? We can act like grown and matured countries, and prosper and progress together... independently.

About the language, we, the faroese people, fought a long battle, not with guns and ammo, but politically, to be allowed to sing in our own language in church, and use it in schools.

On tuesday, i'll be covering the election... it's not like i'm Wolf Blitzer, but i'm getting there... :)

Do not be alarmed if we're undergoing political changes here in the faroes. I think going towards more independence, can only be a positive thing in the end.

Clayton Brown said...

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Ogie said...

Clayton, Thanks. I checked it out and went and registered my blog. I was wondering if there was a way to associate a blog with a different country?? I am located in the USA but my blog is basically about the Faroe Islands.

Faroe-man I would check it out it is a pretty nice site.

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