Friday, November 2, 2007

An Islander in America

I was kind of excited earlier, and told straight away that an article was about Ogie in a faroese newspaper (Sosialurin), but i must say, i may have jumped to conclusions.

A faroese reporter has been in Seattle, USA, to visit his cousin, called Vilmund Boggs.

Vilmund is a helicopter-mechanic. The reporter mentions in brief about the days "over there", about his employer. Vilmund mentions having just returned from a working-trip in South Africa.

I hope i've recited things correctly, and i expect Ogie to shed some more light on this. I am deeply curious.


Ogie said...

OK here is a little more information. Vilmund is my younger brother. Leo Poulsen the author of the article is my cousin who was here visiting this last September. It was a great time to have him here. He emailed me yesterday that the article would be in today's newspaper. So it is pretty exciting to see the article. I have been on Skype and emailing family about it. If you have any other question please let me know.

Faroe-Man said...

Interesting. There is another Vilmund, and he works at the same newspaper as Leo, i guess they're named after the same guy. I know Vilmund at Sosialurin is from Nólsoy.

It's an interesting article, and this shows really how small the world can be.

Ogie said...

Looking at the article online it looks like the whole article is not posted on It says "Lesið meiri og síggi fleiri myndir í Sosialinum í dag" at the end of the article which with my little understanding says something about if you want more information you can read it in Sosialinum today. Am I correct??

Also I am not sure what this means

Hálvi føroyingurin, Vilmund Boggs

I truly wish I could read more Faroese.

Faroe-Man said...

"Am I correct??"

Yes, Sir, you are correct.

Hálvi føroyingurin, Vilmund Boggs

Semi faroese, Vilmund Boggs

Hálvi = half

Ogie said...

Well I know that Vilmund is named after my Uncle. He passed away just before my brother was born so my mom named him after him.

My family's name is Poulsen. And I know they have lived there for many, many, many years. I know that Nugga, at least that is what we call it in the family, was the first home where the village is now. On the back of the old 50 Kroner bill ($File/50kr.jpg)has the row of houses and the church. The first house on the left is Nugga and the church is the church that I was baptized in. Also Nólsoyar Páll is an ancestor of ours. Leo said that he is a great, great, great Uncle. I am not sure on how many greats.

It is also strange about names. My mother's name was Rannva and my brother's Vilmund. I had never heard anyone else have those names until I started getting online to places like MySpace and see that there are more and more people with these names. I guess they are typical Faroese names.

Anyway that is a little history.

Ogie said...

Sorry about the link. I think messed up part of my comment. It is just that I notice the 50 Kroner has changed. So I wasn't sure if the bill is still in circulation. i.e being used.

Faroe-Man said...

The name Vilmund, how does that name ring in the ears of an American?

Ogie said...

If you are asking if american's have a hard time pronouncing his name, YES he has always had a difficult time with people pronouncing his name. My sister has the same problem. Her name is Kathrina but it is pronounced with out the "th" sound. It is pronounced Katrina. So she has had the same problem.

And you are probably asking why I didn't get a Faroese name, well I was born in England and at that time you had to choose a name from a list of names and of course they didn't have any Faroese names on that list. And either Allen was one of the first names she liked or she recognized it from one of the English solders that were stationed on Nolsoy during WW2. Don't know for sure.

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