Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Harry's here

Not really much to tell today. The faroese version of Harry Potter, is being released here in the Faroe Islands tomorrow. We're the first of the nordic countries to release it.


Ogie said...

Now, are Faroese as crazy about Harry Potter as they are here? Here kids will line up for hours and dress up as their favorite character just to be the first to get the book. This last one went on sell at midnight and my younger son stood in line from 4 PM until midnight when they started selling the book. It is some of the craziest thing I have seen. But at least they are standing in line for a book.

Workman said...

They lined up for blocks in China last month, so I guess kids really like lines.

Faroe-Man said...

It's a bit whacky here too, although, it was more whacky when Lord of the Rings was released here. In all fairness, we tend to do things a bit quietly here.

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