Thursday, November 22, 2007

Tense times

A minister from the People's Party was sent home today, by our prime minister. The reason: Because he stuck his nose into something where it didn't belong... that's the best way i could put it.

A director, from a company in a branch below this minister, sent home 2 captains of a ferry which sails here in the Faroes. This he did, because they had reached the age of 67, and were now seniors and couldn't work anymore, because they had reached the age limit for people working in public sector. Later the limit was set to 70, and these 2 couldn't get their jobs back, because of legal formalities. The minister pushed this director to re-hire these 2 guys, he said he didn't have the legal grounds to do so, and the director asked to be released from his job, and now... approx. a week later, the prime minister sacked this minister.

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