Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sour times...

There's really not much to tell. There's a festival this weekend, a christian themed festival. Headlining the festival are, Pillar. I don't know this band, mainly because i'm not a person who dedicates his time listening to christian music.

I'm thinking of buying a car, well, i'm gonna buy a car... it's either gonna be a "new" used one, a Citroén C1 or a Mitsubishi Colt. As things stand, it's gonna be the french one... that's the C1.


Workman said...

Is there a lot of Christian music on the Faroes?

I was looking at a list of Faroe Islands radio stations and it seemed like there were a lot of Christian radio stations. Perhaps it was just the same one rebroadcast to several islands. I found that somewha curious.

Faroe-Man said...

We have 3 radio stations. One station, our national one, has a program which plays Christian music for an hour. The second station has approx. 2.. i think, and the third station only plays christian music and has christian based programs.

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