Friday, August 10, 2007

Ovastevna starts today...

Ovastevna is this weekend, i've been at this event once, and it was nice and fun.

"Nólsoy has an annual civic festival called Ovastevna. The festival is in the beginning of August. Ovastevna is similar to Ólavsøka in Tórshavn only smaller. Ovastevna is held to commemorate Ove Joensen from Nólsoy. He rowed from Faroe Islands to Denmark in a traditional Faeroese boat in 1986. In 1987 Ove drowned in Skálafjørður-inlet where he fell over board. The profit from the festival is used to build a swimming pool for the children in Nólsoy. Ove originally started this project after his row to Denmark."

Read more about the island where Ovastevna is:

There's also info about all the other villages and towns on that page... good page actually.. very informative.

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