Saturday, August 4, 2007

Faroese music for the foreigner...

I'll try to give my best tips, in regarding to listening to those first tunes of faroese music, be that in faroese language or english.

These names are in random order:


This mystical elf-like girl, is in my view, a musical prodigy. The link is given elsewhere on this blog, but here it is again

Here's a YouTube video. The video itself is not an official Eivør production... i think... i think it's some fan of some sort, it's a mellow song, in faroese, with english subs.

If people are interested, most of her albums are available at

My personal opinion, is that even though most of her songs are in faroese, they will not disappoint you.

The next artist is Teitur.

Not certain, but my guess is that more people know of Teitur than Eivør. He went more the american way, by that i mean, he's played very much in USA, traveling around in the States, playing at small places, and warming up for bands such as John Mayer.

He's featured on two soundtracks (Aquamarine & My Super-Ex Girlfriend), on both with the same song, One and only.

Here's his Wikipedia profile

Like Eivør, he lives abroad, and like Eivør, he doesn't forget his roots, and recently released a faroese album, titled Káta Hornið (roughly translated: Happy Corner).

Here's he interviewed on CNN, don't remember exactly what the name of the program was:

And here's one of my favourites, recording is bad on this one, but you get a hang of it

And here's Teiturs hommage to Louis Armstrong

Artist #3 is the faroese punk-band 200, they sing in faroese.

Here's a link to a small collection of mp3s they've made available on their page

Artist #4 are Gestir, these guys are somewhat of a handful, but once you get them under your skin, you cant get rid of them... and that's a good thing. These guys sing only in faroese, but word on the street is that they are brewing an english album.

Here's the myspace page

The one i like best is Sum urt

The last artist in this post, is the band Makrel

These guys are really something, but... they are taking a break at the moment, i don't know if these guys will be back or not, but check out this video

And here's the myspace

Check out the song Filthy tongue

That concludes it for now, i will return to this subject on a later date. There are several other band which should be mentioned, but these are the 5 that popped into my head right away, so they must have something special.


hrafnain said...

Hello, i have big please to you.

Today i heard in Czech radio Faroe music band with song about raven (ravnur?), the name of this world/ethno music band sounds like "MARLAVEN" or "VARLAVN" or something that.
Know you this band and can me tell his name?

It's heart thing for me, i was frisson from this song, hmmm...

greetings from Czech Republic, hrafnain

p.s. sorry for my horrible english, but i can't write this in czech or even further in faroe language ;)

hrafnain said...

aaha - VALRAVN - Olavur Riddararós :)

hrafnain said...

oops - KRUMMI

Mr Chimi said...

You forgot about TYR! They sing most songs in Faroese, but they also sing a few in English and Norwegian

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