Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Declare independence...

The Faroe Islands are a self-governing part of Denmark, but are, as the observing reader of this blog has noticed, far away from Denmark itself.

In the last 120 years or so, there has been a part of the Faroe Islands, that wants totally to disconnect the political connections between Faroe Islands and Denmark, and thus, form a new independent republic.

In 1998, i'd just been validated to elect, so i was all hyped up for the election which was that year, and i've never doubted what i wanted to elect... the Republican Party, because they are the party, which i know will try more, than any of the others, to gain total independence.

They won in '98, formed a coalition... tried their best...

... years passed, negotiations with Denmark had failed. The Danes were using scare tactics, which led some people to think, that Faroe Islands were doomed if we gained total independence, and in 2003 it all went down the drain, when another party in the coalition bailed out, and there was a re-election, and this time, the Republican Party were a part of the opposition.

The year is 2007, and in January next year, we have a new election, and i'm starting to feel the buzz and tingling (and that's a good thing).


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