Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Election results and thoughts:

23063 people voted, and 34531 had a right to vote. That means, that 66.8% percentage of the people voted.

A - People's Party 4726 votes

B - Union Party 5413 -

C - Social Democratic Party 4702 -

D - Self-Government Party 797 -

E - Republican Party 5848 -

H - Centre Party 1577 -

The top 10:

E Høgni Hoydal 2557
C Jóannes Eidesgaard 992
A Jørgen Niclasen 955
B Edmund Joensen 931
C Helena Dam á Neystabø 784
A Óli Breckmann 765
H Karsten Hansen 717
B Kaj Leo Johannesen 714
C John Johannessen 662
E Annita á Fríðríksmørk 625

This means that Høgni Hoydal and Edmund Joensen are the 2 elected candidates.

That means that Anfinn Kallsberg from the Peoples Party is out, and in comes former danish parliament member, Edmund Joensen.

Høgni Hoydal got my vote, and i'm happy it went so well for him. This doesn't change the "battle" for independence in my view. Høgni retained his seat, so there's not such a big change in any way. And i don't think that Edmund will make a huge impact "down there" ... in Denmark.

All in all, i go to sleep a happy guy right now.

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Thanks for the results.

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