Sunday, April 25, 2010

Small BBC interview with Man City's Gunnar Nielsen

After the match between Arsenal and Manchester City, BBC conducted this small interview.

Manchester City's Gunnar Nielsen, writes history.

The football-match between Arsenal - Manchester City, which was yesterday, was an historic even. Reason for this is, that the regular goal-keeper for Man. City, Shay Given was injured, and in his place, Gunnar Nielsen stepped in. Gunnar Nielsen is the first faroese player, which is to play in the English Premier League. Here is a small recap of the match itself:

Arsenal v Manchester City
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Monday, April 19, 2010

Faroe Islands vs. Fayetteville, NC. USA: Military

It is kind of (un)funny to compare this element with eachother.

Fayetteville hosts one of the largest military bases in the USA, which is Fort Bragg. The town illuminates this fact, because alot of the business in the town, is based around or directed at the base. To name one, Fort Bragg Federal Credit Union.

Walking around in Food Lion, Wal-Mart or some other store, you may more than likely see a person, which is enrolled at Bragg.

You also hear and feel the presence of the base. For many months, one can hear them training from miles away, because explosions from their training cause tremors.

Helicopters and planes are also seen regularly fly above the town. Whole neighbourhoods often consist of people, which belong to the base. Regular cars often feature stickers, which in some way represent an allegiance to the army.

On the opposite end of the military scale and size, we find the Faroe Islands, which doesn't actually have any military at all, because this is a jurisidiction, which belongs to Denmark, and thus, they take care of that. The military in the Faroe Islands, resides in Mjørkadalur. Their presence is on a day to day basis hardly felt at all.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The search for the Faroe Islands

Volcano in Iceland, paralyzes the Faroe Islands.

Eyjafjallajökull (press link for live feed) in Iceland, which has cast its gloomy ash over huge parts of Europe and severely disrupted airtravel, is costing alot of money for the only airline on the Faroe Islands, Atlantic Airways. CEO, Magni Arge tells, that the company is losing approx. 75000 USD a day, because they can't fly their planes anywhere.

The General Surgeon has these last days issued disclaimers for people with certain health issues, like asthma to stay indoors, because they might inhale the ash.

What we all hope for now, is that Katla will stay quiet.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Faroe Islands vs. Fayetteville, NC. USA: Infrastructure

Comparing the infrastructure of the Faroe Islands, with the one in Fayetteville, NC., is an interesting task, because the roads of these two places, are so different.

The mainroads in the Faroe Islands, consist of two-laned roads, like the one we see here: Road through Miðvág, Vágar, and other cameras on this site. Mainroads in Fayetteville, and almost all other places in the USA, look alot like this:
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I have been my fair share around in the city of Fayetteville, and one thing which it lacks alot, are pavements. Many places you just have to walk on grass, and it's not always that is a comfortable feeling, when you want to take a long walk. One day, I walked 10 miles in scorching sun, and there was nobody but me who walked. Compared to the Faroe Islands, everybody would have been out and about on such a day. But I guess, that since scorching sun is such a rarity in the Faroe Islands, that is maybe one big factor which gets the people out and about on their feet.

I've heard, that if a car honks at you, when you're out walking in the US, that means the driver is approving your action of walking. Whether this is true or not, I do now know, but i've had a couple of cars honking at me.

Compared to Fayetteville, I have to say, that the Faroe Islands are better off, when it comes to pavements, but the city of Fayetteville ofcourse has a much wider area to cover, when it comes to infrastructure. ..

It is strange to think about it comparison, that in so very many cases in the Faroe Islands, there is only one road, which leads into a city, whilst in the US, there are many roads from all directions. There is one mainroad, which leads into the capital on the Faroes. (some will argue that there is another one, but it is not nearly used as much as the other one).

That's actually it for this time. I know it's an abrupt ending, but i'll touch more on this subject in the next edition, which will be about the Military in Fayetteville and the Military on the Faroe Islands.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Faroe Islands vs. Fayetteville, NC. USA: Shopping

I made a last-minute decision, and i'm going to divide the subjects into several days, and the first subject is: Shopping.

This is a simple, but yet valid comparison I think, of what features both of these places behold, or at least, some features.


This is something which struck me, when I first got to the US. Alot of things are on a grand scale, compared to what i'm used to in the Faroe Islands.

In the the States, there is Wal-Mart, which is probably one of the most, if not most distributed store, and reaches the widest audience, either on a Super-Center level or a more mediocre one. Stepping into Wal-Mart was like unlike anything else for me. 20+ cash-registers were lined up in a perfectly syncronized line, checking people out, and most of these registers were occupied all the time, when I first there the first time (beginning of December). People were walking around with their kids and families, some with regular shopping-carts and some even in, and this is a first for me, electric shopping-trucks. People sit in these "trucks", and like some mini-scooter, they drive around and do their shopping.

Almost everything is available at this Wal-Mart giant. I mean, you can't buy a house or something of that nature there, but everything which on a day-to-day basis can be used by an ordinary US household, is available. You can even get your tires checked there.

A thing which I didn't really know how to react to, was when I got to the cash-register and the woman behind the counter said: "Hi, how are you doing?". Like a goof, I just stood flabbergasted, and said: "Fine!", not knowing why she really asked me that.

Moving back to the Faroe Islands, and looking at how it is these, is a great difference. The only shop I maybe can compare this to, is SMS. Although, SMS is a mall, with several boutiques and a "big" grocery-store. Combined, can SMS maybe make a somewhat valid comparison to a Wal-Mart shop.

It is 3 stories, where Wal-Mart is one huge. On a Faroese scale, alot of people use SMS. I should note, that while SMS is open monday through saturday, at limited hours, Wal-Mart is open 24/7, almost 365 days a year.

The variety of products is so much more in the US, than in the Faroes, and the pricing in the US, is on a lower scale. This comes mostly from the fact, that almost 100% of the produce in the Faroes has to be imported, whilst in the US, almost 100% is produced in the States.

This was a somewhat mediocre comparison of "shopping" in the Faroe Islands and in Fayetteville, NC. USA.

Next time the subject will be: Infrastructure.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Coming up: Faroe Islands vs. Fayetteville, NC. USA.

This is short article, which I will be posting tomorrow, and will be a comparison between these two places. Since the Faroe Islands are so small, I feel that I can make a somewhat valid comparison between these two places. It will not be a thesis based on science, but pure loose observations which i've witnessed.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has landed in the Faroes

Founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has landed in the Faroe Islands, where he will be the headspeaker at a convention about socializing in minor countries.

He will be speaking today, at 16:00 GMT, on the 1st of April.
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