Monday, January 26, 2009

The Faroe Islands Podcast

At the moment, and many moments ahead. The Faroe Islands Podcast, is that place to be. Check it out!

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Fellowship of the Ring.

All know J.R.R. Tolkiens tale, where the ring is the key element, and the fellowship, has the ring, as their fellow cause.

I know many people on the internet, but none like this one character. I remember, when I started all of this, that it was, because I wanted to let the world know of the Faroe Islands. News, and what was happening here.

This one person, has become a close friend of mine. We've conversed alot together, and have talked about all matters of the world, alot of them excluding the Faroe Islands, as the main topic.

These last months, i've not been able to maintain this blog, so we've kept connection through Facebook. He's been on the radio here (still no audio, sorry dude).

To show me, a part of his surroundings, he sent me a package, in December, with alot of stuff in, which I deeply appreciate. One of those things, was this t-shirt (No, that's not the Grinch.. it's me).

Thank you Matt, and I hope the future plans, to promote the Faroe Islands, will come into fruition soon.
Brain Bliss