Tuesday, June 10, 2008

News news news...

Sex and the City craze, has also reached our islands, and during the weekend, there was this SATC-themed night in Tórshavn.

Photos are viewable here

Something to do with fashion, and I think Cosmopolitans were served (I think that's what one of those girls in the series, likes to drink).


I was at a Bryan Adams concert in Tórshavn, last wednesday. It was really fun, the weather was great. And someone even told me, that he'd been in a studio. Either he did some recordings there or wanted to. He stayed here a day and a half, after the concert itself.

He's an avid photographer, so maybe he took some photos.


Boys In A Band, will be going on a 24 hour tour here in the Faroe Islands, when they release their first album. They will be playing in 24 of our largest towns/villages, in a period of 24 hours.


In April, we had the TransAtlantic Climate Conference - And one really interesting thing they talked about, was the TransAtlantic Climate Institute.


In 2009, ENI and Chevron, will drill 2 wells in Faroese area. Tests have shown really positive results outside our area, and that's why they are starting on this side next year.


That's it for today, slow start... i know... more tomorrow... see ya.


Workman said...

like they said on the old 70s sitcom...

"welcome back, welcome back, welcome back..."

Faroe-Man said...

It's good to be back, my friend.

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