Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Huge project revealed in Tórshavn.

Today, a huge project was revealed in Tórshavn. The aim of this project, is to totally expand the centre of the capital city.

The main focus, is from the bay area and outwards.

They're aiming for: 350 apartments, 2200 offices, 12000 squaremetres for a shopping area, hotel with 250 rooms, concert and conference-halls, which will seat 4000 people and 2100 parkingspaces.

Pictures of the project, can be found here


Workman said...

What to you think of this project? Do you think it will change the character of the city in an unacceptable way?

Is there a housing shortage in Torshavn?

Faroe-Man said...

Personally, I love the idea. I think it enhances the qualities, which I think a state capital should have. Those sketches, aren't final. They are very much up for discussion.

I think, that if people act correctly, they could make this a wonderful blend, between the old and the new.

Housing shortage, yes... there is, but not a great shortage I think... but there is some.

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