Friday, June 27, 2008

ILVA closing down in Britain.

ILVA, which is owned by Jákup á Dul Jacobsen (Faroese businessman, living in Iceland), are closing down the stores, which they have in Britain. They are located in London, Manchester and Newcastle.

Late last year, they had a deficit of roughly 110-120 million USD.

ILVA, also has stores in Sweden and Denmark. They will now emphasize on managing those stores.

Jákup á Dul Jacobsen, is also the major shareholder, of the company Pier 1.

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Anonymous said...

Good riddens to Ilva.
They fail to delivery on service and products. The customer service despite being UK base was very very poor. There cost per acquisition must of been high, but someone forgot to tell them if you look after the customer they will come back!!!

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