Friday, September 7, 2007

Grand Princess... and me...

All this day, my little village has been swarming with tourists, all of them US citizens. The cruise ship, Grand Princess, has been anchored in Tórshavn all day, and the tourists have been visiting almost all of the islands, on their 1 day visit. Grand Princess is registered in Bermuda, and is the biggest cruise ship ever to have been here. I talked to one of the passengers, and i noticed a certain "r" in the way they were talking, i.e. "Are you", they were very heavy on the letter "r", so i don't know exactly what part of the US, they were from.


This Monday, i am turning 30...


Workman said...

Heavy on the "r"? That's all of America. If you're used to English as spoken by the English, our version is pretty harsh sounding.

The heaviest "R" sounds are most likely found in the northeast. Of course, if you get too far northeast, you get into New England, and they have no "r"s at all.

Faroe-Man said...

It sounded very, how shall i say, restricted.

It sounded a bit like that very annoying guy... Bill Maher.

Workman said...

Actually sounds like people raised where I grew up, in upstate New York. Very nasal. And quite annoying.

And Bill Maher is qutie annoying.

P.S. happy birthday. I was afraid to turn 30, but it turned out ok.

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