Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Atlantic Petroleum shares said to go sky-high!

Gudme Raaschou Bank says that the shares in the Faroe Islands based oil-company, Atlantic Petroleum are maybe going to rise as high as 52% more, than their current value is. The company is in a joint-venture, which has just struck gas.


Workman said...

Is this considered a good thing? Of course, gas=money and if oil is found, then the Faroes could be a wealthy place. And everyone loves that.

But if oil is found, then it seems likely that there would be a flood of foreign workers and culture. Would that be a welcome development in the Faroes?

Faroe-Man said...

I actually quite don't know, because our prime minister has said that the oil will be shipped to the Shetland Islands, and is that the opposite of what has been told before, that it was to be shipped to the Faroes.

I actually have quite an ambivalent "relationship" to this matter, i'm both for and against... against, because i don't quite know how this will affect a small community like ours, that being said, i am not against foreign labour.

And i'm for this, yeah... because of the money, and the progress to this place, which the money can bring.

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