Saturday, August 2, 2008

European swimming Champion

Tripe gold winner at the competition. The last event, was 800m Freestyle. He set a new European track-record.

As I mentioned, the US-based swimsuit-maker, TYR, has contacted Pál Joensen, and offered him, to provide him with free swim-gear. They have this super-suit, which they will provide him with. They see a large marketing potential in Pál.

Pál hasn't decided yet, whether to go by this offer or not, but he's been given a free suit though, which he used, when he won the 400m Freestyle gold. It's called Tracer Light.

Here is a photogallery from the event.

Here's a YouTube-clip from when the medals were given, in the 400m Freestyle event.

The Faroese Prime Minister, has sent Pál Joensen, a congratulatory letter, in which he says, that Pál Joensen has achieved the highest Faroese sporting endeavour ever. And he also thanks him, for giving Faroe Islands, international recognition.

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