Monday, December 3, 2007

Bits and pieces

Sorry for my awol's inbetween, but i am afraid they will occur from time to time.

Now for what's happening in my country.

The coalition has agreed to further their term with 2 weeks, shortening the election campaign from 6 weeks to 4 weeks. Republican leader Høgni Hoydal is furious at this decision, saying that only in countries we don't want to compare ourselves with, would such a thing like this happen.


This next piece shocked me.

In a store in Tórshavn, at night, some people were at work. A woman sees a man she doesn't know at the counter, she approaches him, all of a sudden, he lifts an object, which she thinks is an axe, she runs off, he starts chasing her with this axe... she manages to escape. The man is not caught yet, but there is video footage of the incident.

A user on said that this has to be a sign of we're a part of the globalized world... he was joking ofcourse.


I see we're mentioned on - Make sure to check that out. He gives a near to perfect picture of the Faroe Islands.


Benjamin Jacobsen, Vatnsoyrar, is currently working with his PhD in Geology. The assignment is a collaboration between NASA, The Lunar and Planetary Institute and The University of California, Davis. You can read more about it here:


Ogie said...

It is sad that such a crime would happen in the Faroe Islands. The lack of crime is one of the unique characteristics of the Faroe Islands.

Workman said...

No need to apologize about the occasional absense.

Even when you go AWOL, you're still the most reliable source for Faroe Islands news in English.

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