Monday, April 19, 2010

Faroe Islands vs. Fayetteville, NC. USA: Military

It is kind of (un)funny to compare this element with eachother.

Fayetteville hosts one of the largest military bases in the USA, which is Fort Bragg. The town illuminates this fact, because alot of the business in the town, is based around or directed at the base. To name one, Fort Bragg Federal Credit Union.

Walking around in Food Lion, Wal-Mart or some other store, you may more than likely see a person, which is enrolled at Bragg.

You also hear and feel the presence of the base. For many months, one can hear them training from miles away, because explosions from their training cause tremors.

Helicopters and planes are also seen regularly fly above the town. Whole neighbourhoods often consist of people, which belong to the base. Regular cars often feature stickers, which in some way represent an allegiance to the army.

On the opposite end of the military scale and size, we find the Faroe Islands, which doesn't actually have any military at all, because this is a jurisidiction, which belongs to Denmark, and thus, they take care of that. The military in the Faroe Islands, resides in Mjørkadalur. Their presence is on a day to day basis hardly felt at all.


Doug MacIlroy said...

I've been to both places and it's apples and oranges all the way. Ft. Bragg is pine trees, snake eaters and red Carolina clay. Faroes are awesome. Hiking along the road above the Danish base on Stremoy is worth the walk. The main building has a grass roof and the views of Kollafjord are breathtaking.

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