Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Iceland salutes the Faroe Islands.

In the wake of the deep deep economic crisis, and now that the proud nation of Iceland, is trying to emerge from the ashes, they've sent many congratulatory notes to the Faroe Islands, because the Faroese government has offered Iceland a loan of approx. 50 million USD. (I had calculated this number wrong to some other people, I said 65 million USD). It might not sound much, but it's what the Faroese government sees fit at this moment, to lend our brethren in the north.

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Anonymous said...

Good - you're back! Where have you been? Wanted to know what's going on in the FI!

If I'm right, the FI also had a massive financial problem in the mid 90s where one of the banks went to liquidation. Would it be fair to say that the FI learnt their lesson then and are now in a better situation? Could Iceland have learnt from you?

Faroe-Man said...

I would be going out on a limb, if I said that the mistakes which happened in the crisis in '92-'93, are mistakes which we wont make again.

It's a bit problematic, because of the political connection which the Faroe Islands has with Denmark. You can't say that the Faroe Islands are 100% to blame for what happened, and you can't blame Denmark for the crisis.

Anonymous said...

That is about 6500DKK per person living in the Faroe Islands... wich is more then Iv'e ever seen before!
Everyone could learn from this BIG gesture...
What I don't understand is why Norway can't step in and help Iceland. They are (mabey) one of the wealthiest countrys in the world.
Goes to see, that I think all the viking blood is extinct in Norway!!!

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